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Visa for Vietnam

- tour code Visa general information and procedure)

All foreign visitors need a visa before entering the country. Visa can be applied from the Vietnam Embassy or consulate in your country with an application form, original Passport and 3 photos,genarally taking between 4-10 days. Now, travelers may also obtain visa upon arrival at the airport with special requirement. The fees do vary depending upon the country you are from. For complete information, please refer to section: Vietnam Visa.
What is a ’Visa on Arrival’? Simple and easy way to obtain your visa, also very cheap and reliable.
In the event that there is no Vietnam embassy or Consulate in your country, or you just want to make Vietnam part of a multi-destination trip, then we recommend Visa on Arrival as your best option.

General procedure for Vietnam visa application

STEP 1: Send us your personal information

Please download, fill and send back this form to info@tropicaltours.vn

Download link (right click > save as)

STEP 2: We will submit this information to the Vietnam Immigration Office in Vietnam to get the approval letter.

- For Visa Approval letter: After four (4) working days, the Vietnam Immigration Office will issue an Approval letter. This approval letter will be sent simultaneously to us and to the Vietnamese embassy or Consulates in your country.
- For Visa on arrival service: After four (4) working days, the Vietnam Immigration Office will issue an Approval letter. This original Approval letter will be sent to us and simultaneously fax to the Immigration Department at your arrival airport in Vietnam.

Then we will send a copy of the Visa Approval letter to you before boarding to Vietnam.

NORMAL PROCESSING: 3 - 4 working days

URGENT PROCESSING: 1 working day

Visa Approval letter Price:

Cost/Pax/USDNormal Processing
1-2 pax3-5 pax6-9 pax>10pax
Single entry1 month15131210
3 months25232220
6 months30292725
Multi entry1 month25232220
3 months35343332
6 months40383635

Notes: Urgent processing: plus 5 USD for all types of visa as above.

Our Service fees do not include the STAMPING FEE of about US$25-100/pp to be submitted directly to the Embassy or Consulate (the stamping fee vary from Embassy to Embassy).

STEP 4: We will scan and email the "Approval letter" to you. You just have to print it out.
- For Visa Approval letter: You just take your Visa Approval letter with your original passport to Vietnam embassy or consulates in your country to get Visa stamp. You have to pay the visa stamp fee. The visa stamp fee might be different depending on Vietnam Embassy in each country.
- For Visa on-arrival service: you just show the Approval letter to the airlines when you check-in and show it to the Immigration officer at the airport upon arrival to get visa stamp. You are then required to fill out the visa form, attach photos and pay the visa stamp fee (see the visa stamp fee below) to the Immigration officer. In the Visa on-arrival full service, our staff will go to meet you at Immigration and help you fill the form out properly.

- Please remember to bring along two (2) recent passport size photos (3cm*4cm)
- Stamp fee:

Cost/Pax/USDStamping fee
Single entry1 monthPlus 25 USD
3 monthsPlus 25 USD
6 monthsPlus 100 USD
Multi entry1 monthPlus 50 USD
3 monthsPlus 50 USD
6 monthsPlus 100 USD

Vietnam visa types

A. Tourist Visas
Tourist Visas are generally issued as one-month single entry visas. Multiple-entry tourist visas are also available, but they often require special attention and processing to receive. It is quite common to apply for a multiple entry visa and instead receive a single entry visa, so please confirm that you are getting the visa that you need. If you would like to stay longer that one month, you can extend your visa after your arrival in Vietnam.

B. Diplomatic and Official Visas
- No fees unless otherwise agreed upon between Vietnam and applicant’ s country
- On applying for this visa, the applicant must submit an official letter from the concerned agencies of local government, foreign embassies or consulates accredited to the applicant’s country, international organizations, or other accredited organizations based in that country

C. Business or other types of Visas
Business visas are usually issued as 3- or 6-month multiple-entry visas, although one-year business visas are also possible with special permission. To get a business visa, you often need a letter from a business sponsor in Vietnam which we can obtain for you if need be.

Visa exemption:

Only citizens of certain countries can visit Vietnam without an entry visa (valid for visit within 30 days). Those countries include: most Asean countries, Korea, Japan & Scandinavians (2005). All other citizens are required to get an entry visa before departure or a pre-approved entry visa (visa is issued on arrival at Vietnam’s International Airports) supplied before arrival in Vietnam.

- Not more than 30 days: for citizens of Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Laos.
- Not more than 15 days: for citizens of Japan and South Korea, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland. (Vietnamese diplomatic and official passport holders are exempted from visa requirements to enter Japan).
- French citizens holding valid diplomatic passports are exempt from visa requirements when visiting Vietnam and are allowed to stay for up 3 months at one time or on several visits within six months since their first immigration dates. Vietnamese citizens holding valid diplomatic passports also enjoy similar privileges.
- Citizens of Chile and Vietnam holding valid diplomatic or official passports from one of the two countries are exempt from needing entry, exit and transit visas in the other’s territory and are allowed to stay for up 60 days on each visit.


Kind of visaNormal:3-10 working daysUrgent:1-5 working days
Single entry visa - 1 monthUS $25US $40
Single entry visa - 3 monthsUS $75US $85
Single entry visa - 6 monthsUS $85US $95

Kind of visaNormal:7-10 working daysUrgent:3-5 working days
Single entry visa - 1 monthUS $80US $115
Single entry visa - 3 monthsUS $95US $130
Single entry visa - 6 monthsUS $110US $145
Multiple entry visa - 3 monthsUS $135US $170
Multiple entry visa - 6 monthsUS $155US $185